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"We look up at the same stars, and see such different things."
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The actual face of the Men’s Rights Movement.

Even if Al Bundy was the face of the men’s rights movement, he never beat his wife or kids, never cheated, and slaved away at a shoe store to provide for his family even though they neither respected him nor acknowledged his sacrifices. In essence, Al Bundy is the everyman and brings attention to the plight of men who selflessly provide and give up their dreams and goals to do so. OP, like most feminists, have chosen to focus on purely the superficial without really digging past the surface to understand the situation. Al Bundy is the casualty of a society that treats men as unfeeling, disposable objects. I’ve watched dozens of episodes where he casually talks about contemplating suicide which is a real problem for men as seen here:

So why would Al Bundy be such a bad representative for the men’s rights movement? Why, because he’s sexual and likes breasts? Because he’s not subservient to his wife who treats him like an ATM and ignores his obvious suicidal tendencies and depression? No, its because he doesn’t like feminists because they, like society, normalize his plight and the plight of all men in his situation and when they complain they’re greeted with, “man up”.

Al Bundy gave up his dream and career for his pregnant wife. He maned up and sacrificed his future to provide for his family. In return his wife mocks him and his children belittle him.
His wife could’ve had an abortion and caught the one that got away.
I guess they’re right. Men shouldn’t sacrifice anything at all. Woman can start stepping up.

The thing is, the fact that his wife treated him like shit isn’t an issue on gender, based on above posts . And even so, in this case, the men’s rights movement is pretty superfluous because he is fighting against a dichotomy (which is what feminism essentially is). If he feels he is a victim of society treating him like he is an unfeeling & disposable object, then instead of fighting for “men’s rights” (which sounds a lot like fighting to maintain the patriarchal society we live in) he can learn a little bit more about feminism and realize that feminism isn’t just the historical burning of bras and voting rights, nor is it about creating a matriarchal society, or making women leaders. Feminism realizes that men are not emotionless tough-guys that this patriarchal society has perpetuated. Women are equal to men likewise men are equal to women. Feminism allows men to shamelessly show any perceived “feminine” behavioral characteristics, such as being sensitive or emotional, because in feminism there is no gap between men and women; we are not opposites. While “feminism” is a misleading word because it has “fem” in it, which implies female/femininity/whatever, it actually protects men such as Al Bundy who feel they have been screwed over by the societal expectation that they must behave and provide for their wife and children. Feminism is a means of changing the socially appropriate ways of being a man or a woman, not bashing the opposite gender.